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African Turquoise Publishing


  1. Non-Exclusive Contract
  2. Five Free Softcover Author Copies
  3. Lifetime Discount on All Author Copies
  4. Softback & Ebook Availability
  5. Formatting of MS Word Document for Print (fewer than 350 pages)
  6. ISBN/Bar Code for Softcover Book
  7. Formatting of MS Word Document for Kindle 
  8. Hardback Availability Option for manuscripts with 85+ pages
  9. ISBN/Bar Code for Hardback Book (if applicable)
  10. Dust Jacket or Casewrap Cover Option for Hardback (if applicable)
  11. Project Management 
  12. Literary Analysis
  13. Manuscript Review
  14. Template Cover Design w/ Simple Custom Option
  15. Publishing Industry Overview
  16. Self-Promotions Training
  17. Artist's Office Training
  18. Customized Marketing Plan
  19. Worldwide Distribution (including Amazon and Google) 
  20. Basic Editing
  21. Proofreading
  22. Single Event Planned in U.S.
  23. Event Press Release Devised
  24. Media Relations in Event City
  25. Copyright Registration Direction
  26. Promotional Materials Design
  27. Website Update or Free Basic Website Construction
  28. SPA Trains Author +1 to Work Event or SPA Appears at Event and Works (author must provide air travel and hotel fees for Self-Publishing Associate, plus pay SPA 20% of book sales generated during event)  
  29. Seniors 55+ Take $500 Off Price Of This Package

Have you already sent, or prepared to send, [email protected] your final MS Word file and applicable quality images so we may be positioned to immediately help you BePublished?

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