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  1. What are some of the ways to go about publishing a book?

    Most people publish either under a mainstream publisher or they choose to self-publish. With both, you have to perform tasks including perfecting your manuscript and striking deals to net product availability.

  2. What do I do to seek a publishing deal from a traditional or mainstream publishing company?

    Some people elect to obtain a literary agent to present a new manuscript to major publishers. Others elect to copy their manuscript and mail it along with other necessary items to publishers of similar works that are open to accepting unsolicited/unrepresented works.

  3. What can I expect if I just have you to publish my book?

    It will feel like you just turned over documents and we did all the hard work with accuracy and timeliness. However, do know that we will involve you every step of the way to your book's birth to assure that you have the industry know-how to publish future works on your own and save even more money.

  4. How long will it take to get a book in my hand from the time I retain you and give you my files?

    Most of our authors have been positioned to order their Author Copies within 20 days of providing us all final images and content that comprises the work being published. 

  5. What if I pay you and then I stop the process for a while? Can I resume when I get ready and not have to pay again?

    Once we are retained and the artist halts production, the aspiring author has 30 days to resolve any matter prompting the freeze in production and proceed with finalizing project. Additionally, the  artist is allotted 15 days to work alongside his/her Self-Publishing Associate to resume with finalizing project before forfeiting all rights to services due to project abandonment. Once finalization is stalled for more than 45 days, artists must pay an additional fee equal to 50% of the original retainer in order to have work resumed. Once work is halted for 60 days, artists must pay an additional fee equal to 75% of the original retainer in order to have finalization resumed. Once finalization is halted for 61 or more days, artists must pay an additional fee equal to 95% of the original retainer in order to have work resumed.

    In cases where goodwill is extended and payment plans are entered into, projects whose retainers are not paid in full within 30 days after work has commenced will be terminated. Also, in the event that payments promised by artist on installment plan are not kept and communication prior is not made to make other arrangements or explain the reason for the delay, the project will immediately be terminated after the second lie has been realized. Deceiving artist receives no further assistance and will be immediately notified that no more efforts will be made on his/her behalf (not even an effort to accept new payment promises) and no files reflecting progress made on project in expectation of meeting original deadline outlined will be provided to liar since he/she is not entitled to those services since he/she failed to honor payment arrangements. In these cases, artists will no longer quality for any future discounts and must always pay the fee for a Secondary Consultation ($150) in order for time to be allotted to listen to their promises/lies/desires again. Additionally, he/she must pay the entirety of the retainer fee for their selected package in full in order for any project work to commence/resume. Trust is everything in this business, and if we cannot trust you to keep your word or communicate honestly, we will not be willing to expend our energy and expertise to keep helping you release your book/cd/dvd project.

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  1. How much will you charge me just to edit/proof my work, or even per hour for ghostwriting for me?

    For proofreading or editing alone, our rack rate is $3 per page to proof and $5 per page to edit if said service is the only assistance we will provide your project. When we are actively working on a project for you, we charge $3 per page for basic editing and $1 per page for basic proofreading.

    Since ghostwriting usually begins at $10k, we find it is more affordable to the masses to offer Typesetting and Writing Assistance Services for the rate and duration of OBO Assistance for those needing coaching and confidence to write on their own. If personal assistance through the writing process is still preferred, we do offer Confidential Writing Assistance at a rate of $35/hour for multiple projects, and $50/hour for a single project.

  2. Can I deduct money if I don't need proofreading or editing but want the other services in the package?

    Our prices are the lowest that we know of in the industry, and it is impossible to lower them. It is also impossible for humans to achieve perfection and this is why we all need to triple-check our work plus have someone else to look at it with fresh eyes. Nevertheless, if a client asks us to "not change a thing," we won't change anything out of respect for the artist's power of choice.

  3. My manuscript wasn't quite finished when I sent it at first. Is there a fee for me to email the missing photographs and write-ups to you now?

    There is no additional fee for submitting additional files within the first three days of retaining us for specified services. If more than three days have passed since we were retained, OBO Assistance rate must be satisfied. 

  4. What would you charge for typing? I want a biography added to my book, but did not have it typed already. Will you be able to write one for me and insert it in the back of the book?

    Although BePublished.Org does charge $1 per page for typesetting for seniors and $2 per page for other writers when your original manuscript needs typing, there is no fee for us to draft you a short biography when we are actively working on publishing your book. We also do not charge extra to write rear cover copy based on our own review of your manuscript, and we don't charge extra to produce your copyright page's content.

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  1. How do I get started on making a CD?

    After creating the songs or writing the content to be read, all you have to do is rehearse until you feel you are ready to perform and record your work. Then, connect with someone who has a studio that charges a fee you can easly pay so you can give them payment upfront for blocks of time so you may record your voice / music.

  2. What can I expect to happen with a studio?

    Remember that studio time is not rehearsal time, it is recording time so be well-rehearsed, ready to perform, and on-time for every session booked with a studio. After you record your tracks, you will need them mixed and mastered by the producer and recording engineer to assure the sound quality is the way you need it to be. Once you and your team are satisfied, the engineer will give you and the producer a CD with a radio-ready copy of each recording you worked on together.

  3. How do I get my tracks and CD cover design to you?

    After we have been retained, you may email your CD cover design to us as a PDF document.

    To ensure the highest possible audio quality, we recommend uploading audio files in AIFF format. Each voice / music file will need to be emailed as an uncompressed AIFF (44.1 KHz, 16- bit, 2-channel stereo files required) files.

    Uploading MP3s is supported but not recommended since MP3s can sometimes result in lower fidelity and will be re-encoded. If you plan to submit audio files in MP3 format, we recommend creating them using the highest possible quality settings (320KBps, constant bitrate recommended; 44.1 KHz, 16- bit, 2-channel stereo).

    Tracks must be sequentially numbered without any special characters or gaps in numbering, and audio file names must end in an appropriate dot extension  (e.g., 01-Climbing.AIFF, 02-BailaBaila.hittingThefloor.MP3, etc.).

    The total number of audio tracks submitted to us must match the number of tracks that will appear on the CD, EP or Audio Book. Track length and total runtime must adhere to the Red Book Audio CD standard and should not include any advertisements to enable access to increased sales channels.

  4. I want to be sure my CD looks good since I will be spending money promoting it. How will the final product look after I send you what I have and you do your thing?

    Your artwork is printed onto the disc face in full-color. Your ordered discs will also have full-color, full-bleed audio CD covers, double-sided tray cards and inserts. Each one ordered by your listeners or by you will be packaged in clear cases and finished with a folded, cellophane-type plastic over-wrap. Your UPC will also be printed on each one, just as they are printed on those by musicians with major publishing deals.

  5. How long will it take you to finish your part so I can order my Artist Copy of the CD to see how it looks and sounds?

    It usually takes about 10 days for us to create your back office, design your ISO, convert and upload files, establish your distribution channels, set your price, and arrange your royalty payments.

    After we train your on your office, you may login anytime to place your order for your Artist Copy directly with the imprint of record (printer). It takes a day or three to print, package and ship the order.

    And, even if you selected the least expensive trackable shipping method, you usually receive your CD within a week or two after ordering.

    Once the order arrives at your home, immediately inspect the cover and CD (noting anything that needs correcting) and then pop it into your player to assure each song plays perfectly.

    Any problem should be reported to your SPA (self-publishing associate) via email, or directly to the printer's technical support by logging into your office.

  6. I see the $1,500 African Turquoise package for books, but can I get something like that for my CD?

    Yes, for the same $1,500, you get all those same services. Whereas the author gets their book published plus an event planned and other services, those with recordings for release can select the same package and get their CD released plus have an event planned while receiving media relations and the other services included in the "mini-publicist" package.

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  1. I know my book will be a bestseller! How can you help me make that happen?

    You can hire us for $35/hr plus expenses to serve as your Publicist anytime. Every book that becomes a bestseller, does so on purpose by planning, promoting and advertising. If you have the budget to invest funds where needed, the time to appear at events scheduled for you, and the dedication to follow our other advice along the way, you too can become a best-selling author by having us to arrange and implement television/newspaper/radio ads, secure venues and book events, buy bulk copies of your book, write/distribute press releases, and perform other mandatory tasks.

  2. How can I make the most money off my book sales?

    The highest profit margin is on e-books. For printed books, softcover books are less expensive to produce and generally offer a greater profit margin than hardbacks. Hardback availability creates an additional product offering and the chance to generate more author revenue. Books purchased by the author for half price can be sold for full price. Books ordered through booksellers normally pay the author less than books ordered directly from publisher/author's website or website of author's main printer.

  3. What is the cheapest way I can get some marketing materials to kick off my book promotions?

    The cheapest way to get marketing materials is to design your own business cards, post cards, bookmarks, and other items prior to selecting the most affordable printer you know you can rely on to print them with a high quality. However, based on the package you select here, we will design book promo business cards or bookmarks for you free of charge. We will also create you an account and upload our design with a company that prints and ships your items for a low rate, so you will be able to login anytime and order quality material to distribute.

  4. Why do I have to buy copies of my book? It is my book!

    Whether you order one or 1,000, when you order copies of the electronic version of your book, you do not have to pay for your book because there is no printing cost involved in the manufacturing of your e-book. When you order books that are printed with either a softback or hardcover, manufacturing costs plus shipping/handling have to be paid. As the author, you never pay full-price for copies of any of your books; and, the more copies you buy at once, the less you pay per book since bulk order discounts are automatically applied.

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  1. How do I make sure I copyright my work?

    We will assure your work is protected during each phase of our process by emailing you and your self-publishing associate latest versions of your work (thus, two or more people will have access to it in a single broadcast and that version is copyrighted. Once you are published, we encourage you to register your copyrighted, published work by ordering and submitting two copies of it to the Library of Congress along with the appropriate completed form and full fees.

  2. Why did you say I would get "Author Revenue" and not "Author Royalties?"

    Since you will be in a non-exclusive contract and will be self-published, your income is considered as "revenue." Royalties are often paid to authors under contract with major publishers.

  3. Different people are saying different things about the copyright fees. What is the current cost to register a copyright for a book?

    The Library of Congress has the sole authority to regulate fees associated with applying or copyrights. Always refer to the entity's website to obtain the most current information on process and fee.

  4. How often are the revenue checks sent out?

    If you elected to have your funds deposited via PayPal, you will be paid approximately 45 days following the close of each quarter. If you opted to have a paper check mailed to you, the check will be generated when you reach $25 in revenue from sales in approximately 60 days following the close of each quarter. In cases were the revenue accrued does not reach $25 during that quarter, funds will rollover and compound with new quarter(s) revenue.  

  5. How do I check my sales or inquire about my revenue?

    Using the username and password provided you upon notification that your book is officially published and ready to be ordered, you may sign into your chief printer's website at your leisure for total control of the business of your book. On your main printer's portal after login, you will see information outlining your own orders, your online book sales, and ways to chat with technical support to check on delayed revenue checks.

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