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After we receive your manuscript from you as a MS Word or other word processing document, not only do we handle interior formatting and cover design, but we also publish your book and can handle events planning, media relations, promotional designs, marketing plans, and advertising. So, why keep asking how to be published or saying you want to be published, when you can be published here today? Why settle for dreaming of being an author when you've kept what you've written over the years, or you've written the new messages that you have been charged with sharing, and you are in a position to be published immediately? 

Since 2003, the passion of the BePublished.Org staff has been helping people just like us get inspired works (literary art and visual art) published and promoted. When needed, we will type what you mail to us for just $1 per page (plus the fee for your selected services/publishing package. Or, you can type your manuscript into MS Word (including photographs where you want them), and email us your MS Word file after paying only for the services/package you select online.

Achieve your dream of authorship today! BePublished, and establish a legacy of informing generations and posterity!



Why not have a professional copy of your CD to sell at lectures, shows and gigs -- along with a copy of your book that gives more detail about your special message or outlines your songs' lyrics? You've already packaged the EP or CD, now have BePublished.Org to make it available so people can order it online. For speakers, we can also format and proofread your manuscript on a completely different topic and turn it too into a published book that people can buy from you and through online sources. For musicians, we can devise a book of your lyrics and also publish stories about your inspiration for each track and photos you took and want to share.



Why not exhibit your art by having BePublished.Org to produce you a coffee table book, or picture book? You've painted/sculptured the pieces, and you have had or scheduled your exhibition(s). Why not give your patrons the option of buying pieces and books to take home? In addition to publishing quality images of your works in a handy book, we can also assist you with booking exhibitions and connecting with writers who want original artwork for their children's books and other works.



Why not allow BePublished.Org to add another achievement to your artistic resume? Professionals in every industry know that achieving authorship is an immeasurable success that creates opportunities to expand experiences, aggrandize skills, establish a legacy, and fulfill a dream. Models have the chance to appear on covers of books designed by BePublished.Org by participating in quarterly contests. Musicians, dancers and actors have the chance to perform at events when sponsored or hosted by BePublished. You have the talent, professional portfolio, and command of your forum. When your book is released, why not have a booth at your shows and have someone you trust to transact sales as you perform? You will have a product to be proud of, so be prepared to be pleased as you hold your book in your hands in fewer than 30 days after retaining BePublished.Org.


Author Feedback

"My book looks awesome! You are the writers' best friend."  -- Early Furs, GLORY

"I was amazed with the product. My first book signing was so magnificent."  -- George A. Johnson Jr., GET REAL: OPEN YOUR EYES

"I have already sold over 125 books using your teachings in just these few months since my book was released."  -- Duz Mack, WAKE UP BLACK MAN: YOUR FUTURE IS CALLING YOU

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